Fraderica + T.J. / Westin Buckhead & The Ballroom at the Carlos Center Wedding

We met online.  :)  Yes, that is the way we met Fraderica and TJ.  They found us thx to Google more than a year ago!  I'm so happy to finally be blogging their wedding day for you all to see.  Everything about this wedding was grande... From Fraderica's fabulous dress, to TJ's change of jacket, to the venue, the wedding party and all the decor.  Everything had a wow factor.  Simon Cowell would have loved it.  :)  If you don't know who he is, maybe I'm just too old.  ;)  The bride looks like a model, you say?  Well, it's because she is!  This stunning couple were complete naturals in front of the camera... don't you agree?  Fraderica's dress had a detachable skirt piece that transformed from the ceremony to the reception.  VERY COOL!  It was like two dresses in one and she looked great in both of course.  Loved that TJ had a change of jacket too... I mean, how many grooms have two suit jackets on their wedding day?  With all the rain that we've been having this summer, thank God it didn't happen on this day.  The sky was so blue and clear and the clouds were amazing!  Weather is such a big part of a wedding day, so I always have to mention it.  It determines what kind of light I will have for photos and if you know photography, light is EVERYTHING!  Loved seeing these two enjoy themselves at the reception.  It was a party full of celebration!  Every guest enjoyed themselves and what a night it was... Fraderica and TJ, you guys have been so great to work with.  Will never forget the night we met at Cafe Intermezzo and just hung out!  I can't wait to see you guys once again at your post wedding session.  We are going to have a great time.  Congratulations once again and happy marriage!

Mary Alice + Dylan / Little River Farm Wedding

Sometimes we can't believe that in the nine years that we've been in business that there are still venues that we have never even heard of in the Atlanta area!  Well, we were extra stoked to shoot Mary-Alice + Dylan's wedding because it was our first time shooting at their venue, Little River Farms.  We have never been at this gorgeous place, but this month, we had three weddings there!    And, WE HAVE BEEN LOVING IT!  In fact, for our personal taste, this is our favorite venue yet!  We are fans of farm houses and we have slowly but surely have been trying to transform our home into a farm house, so our jaws dropped when we saw this sweet place!  You get this sense of peace and serenity when you're there... the staff is excellent and so accommodating and nice to work with.  The house has amazing natural light and all I can say is that it was a perfect day and place for Mary-Alice + Dylan. The weather was beautiful, the bride was breathtakingly gorgeous, the groom was dapper as can be and was anticipating the moment he could lay his eyes on his bride.  Everything and everyone was so on time that we were actually running EARLY with their schedule... Now, we have lost count, but in the countless weddings we have been to, it is rare to be in one where everything is on time, let alone early.  It was a photographer's dream.  :)  Mary-Alice was all smiles... she just couldn't stop smiling and was one of the happiest brides we have ever seen!  And, can we mention her eyes?  Wow!  They were the bluest ever.... absolutely stunning.  One of the sweet things that this couple did for one another was exchange letters before their first look.  As photographers, we anticipate for the emotions to happen naturally and we definitely got it especially with Dylan.  :)  It was awesome.... His heart was moved and it was the perfect time to set up their first look.  As Mary-Alice approached him, we know that his heart was racing.  And as he finally saw his bride for the first time, happy tears flowed and we saw nothing but smiles and heard nothing but laughter.  I remembered thinking, "Awe... the way it should be...."  There was so much joy that it filled our hearts as well.  This moment set the tone for the rest of the evening and needless to say, it was a beautiful celebration.  When you meet a great couple, you know that their families will be too and wow... the couple's family as well as their bridal party and friends were so kind to us and for that, we are very, very, VERY grateful!  We felt so welcomed and when Dylan's mom gave us their cake leftover at the end of the night, that was the cherry on top.  :)  Mary-Alice + Dylan... we know that you patiently awaited this day.  It has been a wonderful experience meeting you guys from the proposal to the engagement and now your wedding day.  We hope to continue our friendship with you as we witness your family grow in the future.  We hope to be your photographers for life!  Thank you for allowing us to be part of your love story... It has been a true pleasure... we hope that you will cherish these captured moments and be able to relive the best day of your lives.  May you be blessed!

Rhandi + Jon / Callanwolde Fine Arts Center Wedding

We first met Jon at a wedding that I was shooting about three years ago.  I was the photographer and he was the videographer!  We had the best time shooting together and he really made it easy to work as a team at that wedding.  We just clicked!  We got to know each other in the little time that we had to chat, and he soon told me that he will be getting married in the next couple of years.  He told me right then and there that he wanted to hire us!  Just like he said he would, we later received a text from Jon saying that the wedding date has been set!  If I had to choose one word to describe Jon, it would be honorable.  This man is the most humble man you'll ever meet.  He knows how to respect and honor those around him.  James 4:6 says that "God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble."  And grace covers him... and because he is covered, so is his bride, Rhandi.  Now, THAT is what marriage is.... a man and a woman coming together covered by God's grace.  What a beautiful gift!  Speaking of beautiful... need I say more about the beauty of this couple?  As I was sorting through this wedding, I was at a complete loss for words.  I mean, aren't they seriously like models?  Absolutely fabulous, right?  Even if they tried, they couldn't take a bad photo.  Every single shot was wow, wow, wow to me... Loved the theme that they went for too!  As you can see in the photos, it was a Great Gatsby theme, and it went so perfectly with this couple.  The decor was perfect... the colors were so vibrant, classy and timeless all at the same time.  The family and guests knew how to have a good time and celebrate Jon and Rhandi.  Just from the sneak peeks, this wedding has been featured in numerous sites and we have a couple of surprises coming up as well!  Can't wait to share those news with you all!  Rhandi + Jon, thank you guys so much for everything... thank you for welcoming us and being so inviting throughout this whole process from the consultation, to your engagement shoot and now your wedding day.  Through these captured moments, we hope that you'll enjoy and be able to relive them.  It has been such a pleasure working with you both.  May God continue to bless your union... that you grow daily to love each other more.  We love you guys!

Daphnee + Keniel / High Museum & Millennium Gate Atlantic Station Engagement

Words are powerful.  It can literally make or break someone.  God himself created this world through the power of His words and taught us that there’s power in what we say to ourselves and to each other, and I fully believe that.  We begin this blog with this statement because meeting Daphnee and Keniel was nothing less than powerful to us.  They are happily engaged right now and all they wanted was a great experience in photographing this once in a lifetime season of their lives.  A great experience is very important to them and we highly respect that, but you know what?  They gave that to us!  Wow!  We are blessed with incredible clients who really encourage us and we greatly appreciate every kind word that comes our way, but this couple especially went over the top!  Although we usually meet and have a full consultation with our couples, it was our first time meeting Daphnee and Keniel at their engagement shoot because they reside in sweet home Alabama.  I love how we can all meet for the first time (other than a convo on the phone and a few emails) and just click and connect.  We immediately saw the beauty between these two and how much they loved and honored one another.  Keniel was always there to serve and to always see if there was a need that Daphnee had, and we thought that it was the sweetest thing, and Daphnee was right there to return that love to Keniel.  For any photographer or a film maker when capturing a couple, something that the artist can’t give the subjects is chemistry between each other. You either have it or you don’t, and this couple definitely had it which made our job super duper easy!  Their smiles and laughs were beyond natural… they were genuine.  After the shoot, we were all starving, so we got to have dinner and wow… I think we could have stayed up talking all night, but the restaurant unfortunately kicked us out.  :)hehe The dinner was nonstop encouragement for us… and we see it as God’s sweet gift in perfect timing because we really needed it that day.  Just like anything else in life, business ownership can get pretty stressful and honestly can get discouraging, but what an impact this encounter gave us.  We drove home thinking if that was even real… it really put tears in our eyes and for that, we are truly grateful.  Daphnee and Keniel, you guys were our angels that day… we can’t thank you enough for what you did for us.  Your shoot is definitely one that we will never forget.  We hope that every time you look at these photos, you will always remember the gift that God gave to you which is each other.  That you are beautiful and no matter what, you have one another to lean on and do this life with.  May God bless you a thousand fold… we seriously can’t wait to celebrate your union on your wedding day! 

Jacob Family / Lake Lanier Family Portraits

Family... sometimes the word says it all.  When it's family, you understand and love no matter what.  When a baby is born, isn't it amazing how you feel such an immense love for that child as soon as you see them?  As soon as you touch them?  You cry with tears of overflowing joy because you know that all the hard work through pregnancy and pain of delivery was so worth it and that you'll do whatever it takes to take care of your baby for the rest of its life... It's literally a miracle.  And this miracle continues to happen over and over for generations to create this thing called family... It's something that every human desires and longs for.  Because we all know what that feels like, our hearts break when we see an orphan or someone who lost a loved one.  It's all innate in us.  It's how God created us and it's an amazing thing.  This is why we love family portraits... because it makes you stop and view your family in a way that you don't have time to.  It makes you see a side of your family that you just don't get to see everyday... but, through photographs, it makes you realize that you do have a beautiful family and that all the joys and challenges that come along with it is all worth it.  Especially in our society where busyness overtakes our lives, I feel it's more important to intentionally stop, breathe and capture the beauty, the growth and the essence of your family.  Because you know what?  These times, these seasons will never come back to us. They will pass by fast, so I love families who choose to embrace and preserve these moments through photos.  We know the Jacob Family in many ways... we have mutual friends so it was great to finally spend some time with them and just get to know them... Our kids go to the same school and are actually very similar in age as well.  Many of our mutual friends go to the same church, so we have much in common.  We loved the fact that they invited their parents and brother's family to the shoot as well.  I know that these photos will hold so much meaning for this family... We almost had to reschedule the shoot because of the weather, but thank God we didn't because the rain held off and it was actually a stunning evening... We shot right at golden hour and wow... the pictures turned out amazing!  We loved all the laughter during their shoot... we all had a great time and it just seemed so meaningful.  You could just tell that this family valued and honored one another so much.  It was very fulfilling to see that!  Susan and family, we are so happy to have begun a friendship with you all.  Thank you for being so inviting and comfortable to work with and choosing us to be your photographers!  We adore your family and hope to deepen our friendship with you.  Blessings!

Leah + Jack / North Georgia Mountains Engagement

Leah + Jack / North Georgia Mountains Engagement

Recently, we've been saying how our portrait sessions have been very "adventurous". From snakes to mosquitos, bees... but, our session with Leah + Jack topped it all. We drove to the mountains in Jasper, GA, for their e-session and we couldn't believe that this place was not that far from us.

Connect Retreat 2017 // God Wanted Us There

Connect Retreat 2017 // God Wanted Us There

Online, it may seem that our business is everything to us.  It may seem that all we do is go to photo shoots everyday and that all we talk about are weddings and photography.  Yes, we of course love it and it's our passion to be in love with photography and our clients; however, there's something else that we love more and that's each other.  Without our marriage, none of what we do would even matter and it wouldn't exist.  We have vowed to never make work more important than God, our marriage and family and that's a good thing.  We live in a world that tries to kill, steal and destroy the very thing that we value most, so it's our goal to fight for it everyday.