Kathy + Cameron / Ashton Gardens Wedding

Can’t believe it, but this post will mark the last wedding of 2014 for our business.  It’s been one amazing year… as they say, how you finish is more important than how you start, and we definitely finished well with Kathy & Cameron’s wedding.  They were such a fun couple with creative ideas, and their wedding was one that I will for sure remember always.  After their engagement shoot in the summer, I knew that their wedding was going to be a blast.  Kathy used to model, so taking portraits of her was such a breeze.  With her experience, she just knew how to pose and give me the expressions I needed to make her picture perfect.  She was absolutely stunning in her dress, and Cameron was one handsome dude!  Together, they made the most ideal bride and groom, and I know their future is bright!  Loved meeting her family and friends who dearly loved them and celebrated this day together.  Loved how the bridesmaids and the groomsmen really felt comfortable with one another and simply just had fun. Kathy & Cameron, it has been a pleasure getting to know you guys over the past several months, and we truly wish you guys the best marriage! Thx for being a beautiful couple and having a beautiful wedding!  It’s been an honor to be your photographer!