Katie + Lane / Four Oaks Manor Wedding


Some people just have a gift of making people feel comfortable and welcomed. They're approachable, kind hearted, warm and simply just have a sweet spirit.  It's a gift that's not easy to find especially these days and when found, it's treasured. Katie and Lane is a couple that is blessed with this gift. Their genuine smiles make you smile in return... a beautiful couple indeed. Since they have expressed interest in our photography, it has been such a pleasure working with them. I have the pleasure of working with these two at my other full time job at our church. We are in a big staff team and every encounter with them have always been awesome!  Business or personal, they are so great to work with.  Their engagement shoot went so smoothly and well that I just knew that their wedding was going to be fun, fun, fun!  And sure enough, it was...!  The weather I must say was perfect and they both looked fabulous!  I think the true test of someone's character definitely is on their wedding day. It is highly stressful and so much is demanded out of you. Well, Katie and Lane definitely passed this test easily. They were the sweetest bride and groom!  I loved all the details that they chose for the decor and the atmosphere of their day. Well planned for sure, and I'm so happy to show the world the images when these two became Mr. and Mrs. Lane Havel. Katie & Lane, we hope that you guys enjoy these pictures forever; pictures that hold so much sentimental value on the most important and celebrated day of your life... May God pour down His blessings upon you and your future. We are grateful to call you co-workers and clients!