Rosie + Vito / Lake Lanier & The Avalon Engagement

This couple is so special to me in so many ways.  I got to meet this fabulous couple at a bridal show and just knew that we made a connection!  After the show, we set up a date to meet, and I was so excited especially because my wife was coming with me!  For those of you who don't know, my wife is my 'partner in crime' in our business, but because of our children, she is not able to come out to the meetings or the shoots.  But, we were able to multi-task by meeting with them and then having a date night too!  It was perfect... a double date!  :)  We hit it off right away... just getting to know each other.  Learning about how this couple met, to what they do for a living... We just kept laughing and talking so much that we didn't realize 3 whole hours passed!  Yes, 3 hours!  Our consultations usually last 2, so we definitely broke the record with this couple and we were very happy to.  We totally could have talked longer, and I love that!  Vito and I especially had so many things in common, it was crazy!  He's definitely my brother from another mother.  LOL  We could relate to one another in some cultural commonalities too and we just understanding each other in those ways.  I can't wait to hang out with them again... As a wedding photographer, Rosie and Vito are so ideal.  Why you ask?  First, they trust me.  They trust that I will get my job done and they let me do what I do best which allows the creativity to flow and make the images natural.  Second, they are willing do anything.  I mean, anything.  I won't share some details online and will keep somethings just between us.  ;) Really, this bride and groom are the bomb diggity and simply so much fun!  They can't stop smiling and are just willing to do anything that comes to my mind.  No idea can be too crazy for them.  Even my wife was like, 'just go for it with them! Go buy those fireworks!'  LOL  I've been wanting to do that and I found THE perfect couple for it.  Oh and I have to mention Captain Phil...When we were at Lake Lanier, we met the most awesome individual.  Who says the world is full of haters?  Not in my world... Captain Phil was a stranger that we met who owned a stunning boat and was the most generous person ever.  He kept offering to do anything for us to make these pictures amazing!  He allowed us to shoot on his boat; not just that, he offered us drinks and everything too.  How awesome is that?!  I may not meet him again, but I learned something from that man that day.  To always be welcoming and generous and kind.  Rosie and Vito, I can go on and on and on, but I'm sure you want to see the pictures.  :)  My wife and I truly enjoyed our time with you and can't wait to have another double date with you guys.  I’m so excited about your wedding!  We already have great memories with you and can't wait to make more on your most special day.  We sincerely thank you for everything and for choosing us to be your photographers!