Brittany, Matt & Evan / Gwinnett Heritage Center Family Portraits

I’m so happy to be writing about our first family portraits this fall!  We shot Brittany and Matt’s wedding a couple of years ago and guess what was next for them?  A baby!  That’s right… First comes love, then comes marriage then comes a baby in a baby carriage… And, they have the most adorable baby too!  I was so stoked when they inquired us for their family portraits.  Oh, I just LOVE it when our couples thrive in their marriage and their families begin to grow.  And when they keep coming back to us to capture their family milestones, it touches us… so much more than we can say.  Ok so their baby boy was more than just cute… he was one of the most well behaved kids I have ever captured!  Including my own… LOL!!!!!  #JustBeingHonest  He was sooooo good the entire hour.  He never got cranky and just did what we asked him to do… and his smile?  Oh my gosh…. there’s no word to describe the cuteness.  We sometimes looked like a fool trying to get his attention especially when we needed him to look at the camera and I think he liked that.   He looked at us like, “um… what are you doing?”  “Who is that, mama?”  “What is wrong with that stranger?”  LOL  We had the sweetest time just catching up with this family and hanging out on a great evening… the way the sun hit was just perfect.  It was so good to see Brittany and Matt as mom and dad who were so in love with their child.  I won’t be surprised if they become a family of 4 for their next family portraits.    Guys, thank you so much!  We think of you every time we use the coffee mug from your wedding.  It’s actually one of our fav cups.  We had the best time with ya’ll and we are so happy for you.  Happy marriage, happy parenting and we hope to make this an annual tradition with your fam.