Cassandra + Ryan / The Gathering Spot Wedding

What is it about weddings…?  Is it the bridal dress?  The flowers?  Why is it so special?  Why are the emotions just controllable that day?  Usually, I get to meet our couples once for the consultation and then for their engagement shoot.  When we meet, it’s a great time to connect and just get to know one another.  We absolutely love hearing our couple’s love story and in fact, I need to hear it as a photographer.  Every love story is different and when we learn the joys and the challenges that these couples have faced yet still are in love with one another and want to commit the rest of their lives together, it’s powerful.  Something about that unconditional love… something about the decision to love each other no matter what is magical.  Out of billions of people in this world, for you to fall in love with “the one” is truly a miracle.  Isn’t it?  It’s part of my job to know our clients beyond the surface so that I know what to capture and how to capture it.  Through photographs, we are able to not just see it, but feel it and it’s the job of the photographer to make that happen.  I say all this because we showed Cassandra and Ryan their wedding photos earlier today… As I mentioned earlier, a couple’s wedding day is usually the third time I meet them and even through those less than handful of times, they already mean so much to me!  When you spend all day on their most special day with them, you become friends fast!  Even in these short times we’ve encountered one another, when it’s something this special that’s shared, it’s amazing how my emotions are affected by it all too.  Every single time I show our couples their images, I have to hold back the tears.  My wife was able to join us today too and she said as well how she had to really keep herself under control… It’s amazing how much power photos have on us!  Because it becomes such a great part of our memory… memories that will be treasured forever.  Memories that can be shared…. memories that allows us to have perspective on life when things become difficult or somber… We have these to look back on to give us hope and to make us realize that things are not as bad as they seem sometimes and that life is good.  Oh, Cassandra and Ryan, it has been a true honor to be a part of your engagement journey.  Thank you for trusting us through Samantha who referred you to us.  We are so grateful for her!!!  It’s been a blast and I am so happy to give you these pictures…. hope you enjoy them… May you have a blessed marriage!