Craig + Unchong’s Outfit Challenge // What We Would Wear

It’s officially October now and that means it’s peak season for engagement portraits! The most common question we get from our clients is, “What should we wear?” One of the services we provide is to help our clients choose the right outfits for them and give honest feedback. One thing we don’t like to see is our clients stress out about what to wear, so to prove that it doesn’t have to be frustrating and not expensive, we challenged ourselves to choose six fall outfit sets straight from our closet. Outfits that we would totally wear for our own portraits. I did this all in 30 minutes! As mentioned before, Craig and I are NOT shoppers AT ALL! We both don’t like to shop and when we do, it’s only because something essential is just so worn out or there’s a special occasion. We go straight into the shop, get what we need, and we are outta there! So, if someone like us can style ourselves for a shoot without shopping, I know that you can too!  By all means, go shopping, but our point is that it doesn’t have to break the budget….

The key to finding the right outfit for you is TO BE YOU! Just like the way makeup should be used to accentuate your features, outfits for a photo session should be to accentuate who you are, not dominate who you are. Don’t let your clothes take the attention from you. Don’t be concerned about looking “trendy”, but do feel comfortable and confident about the way you look. Confidence is the source of beauty that can not be purchased. Confidence shows in pictures and no matter what the trend is, don’t let that steal your own unique style and look. Embrace who you are! You ARE beautiful! If you know us, Craig and I are pretty simple when it comes to style. We’ve said this before, but all we need is a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and we are good to go! For me, as long as I feel like I’m dressed appropriately for the occasion, I feel great. I don’t need anything fancy or many accessories at all. But, that’s my style. For Craig, unless he absolutely has to for a formal party, he is always in jeans! That’s him! So, we chose jeans for him for every single set. LOL!  Now, figure out what your style is and go for it!

The pictures below are sets of outfits that Craig and I will wear for most of the fall/winter season… These outfits currently are what we love and wear “all the time”. (Other than the PJ’s uniform we wear at home when working from home. Haha) These are what we feel comfortable in… Remember the steps from the previous blog? Here, we do the same thing. Hope you guys enjoy this challenge and we can’t wait to see what you choose for your session!

  1.  We start off with something casual… Everything is pretty much neutral except my burgundy jeans which can act as the pop color.  The only accessories needed here is a little touch with our watches because I want the focus to be on my vest. 

2.  Here’s another casual one.  Colors are all basically neutral and because my sweater has a pattern, I chose something solid for Craig.  I always stick with just one pattern.

3.  This one is a bit more dressy… something cute for a little date!  (Hint, hint for the hubs…) The pop of color is my scarf and the one pattern is on my dress!

4.  Another dressier one…. even though my dress is one color, it has a lot of texture, so I went with something very simple for Craig, and it’s his fav shirt right now, so we both win.  

5. These outfits are several years old, but we still love it and can act as something a little more sophisticated when the right occasion comes along… Here, everything on Craig is neutral, purple on me is the pop of color, and I kept it very simple with just a bracelet for me.  I didn’t go with a necklace here because of everything going on already around my neck from the dress.

6.  Ok, so we wear this all the time… LOL!  Everything on me is neutral and the pop of color is pink for Craig and we had a little fun with a hat for me as an accessory.  Yes, “real men wear pink”, they say…  And, he looks pretty fine in it to me! 

Hope you guys found this helpful!  We will soon be posting on what we wear to a wedding and WHY!  Below is a recent pic of us headed to a wedding.    I know… we are goofballs.  Thx for reading guys!  We can’t thank you enough!  If you ever have any suggestions on a blog post from us, please let us know!  Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Instagram Stories. See you guys there!