Ebony Magazine Feature // Montell + Kristin Jordan

For this blog post, we are doing something a bit different….We are not going to talk about ourselves.  We are going to brag on a very special couple. When we tell our other clients that we know this couple, people usually don’t believe us.  Ladies and gentlemen, that couple is Montell and Kristin Jordan. Yes, you read it right. THE “This is How We Do it” Montell Jordan. You still don’t believe me, do you? Well, keep reading and you may change your mind. 

oined the staff of our church as a worship leader. We clearly remember the first time he sang on our church stage during worship time, and I have to be honest, I just couldn’t focus and pay attention because I just couldn’t believe that THE Montell Jordan was there… RIGHT THERE! In front of us! That he was technically our co-worker! That’s when you say, “what the what??” Then, we began attending meetings together and just saw each other often since we were in the same workplace.  I know!  Crazy, right?  Then, something hit me. Yes, I was star struck, but I realized how of a “star” he didn’t act.  He made everyone he met comfortable and to him, he just wasn’t a “big deal”.  That’s when I began gaining respect for him.  A lot of respect.  Our worship team at Victory is one of my fav bands, but after Montell’s leadership, wow!  They were EVEN better!

Then, we began to work on a music video for Montell’s song, “Shake Heaven”.  At our church, I was a videographer… worked on moving pictures, not still pictures.   I occasionally did photography, but my main job was videography.  Well, with the collaboration with many amazing team members, we produced the video and it was one of the most amazing experiences for me.  To this day, our kids dance like crazy when they hear “Shake Heaven” and it just warms my heart.  Then, we did a photo shoot with everyone involved in the new album which consisted of more amazing original songs and that became our church’s first recording album.  I totally remember how nervous I was during that photo session.  Pressure was at its max capacity within me… knowing I had to deliver exceptionally almost made me physically throw up.  I remember calling my wife and her encouragement fueled me and the shoot was a complete blast and it came out successful… After that, there was a concert celebrating these songs and it was one of the most EPIC moments of our church’s history.

Here’s the video of “Shake Heaven”…  I know this tune will be stuck in your head for the rest of the week.  So catchy… so good!!!!

Now, what’s cool is that the story doesn’t end there… As Montell’s journey with our church continued, the story of his testimony grew as well.  His life took a turn; a turn that will not only change his life, but so many countless others too.  Because of this turn, his purpose changed and he is no longer famous in a way that this world defines it.  He began to publicly share his testimony, and it was powerful.  Just like to those who believe, by God’s grace, he was saved and that made all the difference.  His marriage took a turn too and now, it’s no longer just Montell Jordan, it’s Montell and Kristin Jordan, and I LOVE THAT!  As you guys know, we are advocates for marriage, and when we see couples work together in EVERYTHING that they do, it’s absolutely inspiring.  They are experts in anything related to music and the music business, but who knew they were writers too?  In the last couple of years, they have written two books titled, “Becoming Unfamous” and “This is How We Do It – Making Your Marriage a Masterpeace”.   When they asked us to do their book cover, I was floored.  I couldn’t believe it… “Me….????  Um… Are you sure…????  Are you sure you don’t know anyone else during all the years you’ve been in the entertainment business that I’m sure can do a better job?” is what I wanted to say.   But, hey I’ll be honest… I had to keep my cool.  Not sure if I did it well, but I tried my best.  In all seriousness, we were and still are so humbled and honored.  We look at their book even now and just can’t believe it.

Yes… the story keeps going… he’s not just a worship leader, he’s a speaker too!  Yes, he is a pastor and a GREAT one!  Below is a message that I listened to in 2012… If you listen to music (that’s probably everyone), I highly recommend it!  It will change your life and the way you think of music.

Montell and Kristin now travel together sharing their testimony especially about their marriage and how God restored and renewed it.  With true stories like this, there’s so much hope, you guys… So much!  We admire them for the impact that they’re making as they humbly share their story so freely and openly with the world.  There are so many videos of them being interviewed, but here’s one interviewer that you’ll know… Steve Harvey!  Check out the video below…. And this month, their story is featured in Ebony Magazine.  You should have seen us jumping up and down when we saw the pictures on Steve Harvey’s show and “Craig Obrist” for photo credit in very small font in the crease of the magazine.  LOL!

Montell and Kristin, what a journey you guys have been through and what a journey the Lord continues to take you… Thank you for choosing significance over success.  Thank you for choosing purpose over fame.  Thank you for choosing your marriage over your career.  And, thank you for choosing to become “unfamous” for Jesus’ name to be known!   You guys are simply amazing and again, what an honor it’s been to work and create with you.  Thank you for trusting us and allowing us to be a small part of all this… It means so much more than you’ll ever know and we are truly grateful.  Our prayer is that through your obedience, God never ceases to bless you and continue to allow your ministry to thrive and flourish for His sake and to give true hope to all those you encounter and that your work becomes a legacy for generations to come.

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