Hailey + Shawn / W Atlanta & Biltmore Atlanta Wedding

Sat here trying to figure out how to even begin this blog… Sometimes, no right word comes to mind.  What I do know for sure however is that my wife and I love our next couple, Hailey + Shawn.  We adore them… We think of them as our brother and sister and desire to see them happy, successful and  joyful in the Lord.  In the short time that we have developed our friendship, we have shared many memories and adventures together.  Many late night talks, tears and laughter.  Genuine, true, authentic encounters that have made us addicted to spending time with this couple.  We can’t go too long and not see them… We just LOVE them!  I think my wife texts Hailey more than she texts me.  Like for real…   LOL!  We met Hailey when she was in Atlanta Leadership College at our church going after God.  She helped us time to time, and we just connected with her.  After a couple of years of different transitions, we finally connected again when she moved back to Atlanta from Colorado and pursued photography more.  We soon met with Shawn and loved getting to know him and just talking about life!  Since then, Hailey became one of our best second shooters and even our babysitter.    Whatever we asked her to do, she did it wholeheartedly… with so much dedication.  We are always able to depend on her and just know that she will always be there and ready to do whatever it takes.  One of our favorite things to do is to laugh our heads off while talking about what happened during shoots and weddings. Trust me, there are so many stories that we will one day write a book.   When this couple comes over to our home, we feel so comfortable. We feel like family is coming over… We don’t have to freak out and clean up and portray this image that we are a perfect family in an orderly home with nothing out of place. We just chill, eat and hang out.  Our kids adore them too and we love how they are with our children as well. We don’t have to impress them in any way… just being ourselves is good enough for them.  Oh, Hailey + Shawn, your wedding was gorgeous… you guys were gorgeous!  The venue was gorgeous!  The flowers, the cake, your bridesmaids, groomsmen, family, just EVERYTHING was gorgeous!!!!!  We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding… the schedule was awesome and for you guys to be willing to shoot anywhere and anyhow, we were in a wedding photographer’s heaven!    You made us cry good tears… omg Shawn, your reaction when Hailey walked down the aisle was priceless.  You are a good man!  We always talk about how we can clearly see that you love your now wife!  We were so happy for you both when you danced the night away at your reception and seeing you guys drive off so joyfully in your convertible at the end of the night was THE BEST!  You guys, there were good times and bad in the last couple of years for you, but through it ALL, you guys have endured it and conquered it through Jesus Christ!  YES!!!!!  How amazing is our Lord and we can’t wait to see how God continues you to bless you both with talent, dreams, and visions that you will fulfill!  God is good and He LOVES you guys much!  We just can’t wait to see everything you accomplish and the impact you will make in your family, community and this world.  You will do mighty things, and we are so honored to know you and to have been a part of your wedding journey…. Thank you for giving us the privilege.  We love you guys!  Can’t wait for our next stir fry night!  (And, maybe squid on the side. LOL!)