Hannah / McDaniel Farm & Buckhead Senior Portraits

McDaniel Farm & Buckhead Senior Portraits

It’s amazing how different the world looks once you become a parent… it’s literally not the same anymore.  When we get inquiries from parents wanting to celebrate their children by capturing their season, we just love it!  Senior portraits are one of my favorite things to do because I get to focus on just one person for 2-3 hours and allow the creative juices to flow… Before senior sessions, we ask the parents what kind of things that their senior enjoys and what their hobbies or talents are so that we can get a feel for the type of settings that will best fit them.  With our next senior, Hannah, we already knew that she is extremely gifted musically.  She’s an incredible singer, worship leader, violinist, guitarist and more… More than anything, she loves the Lord and we really wanted to capture the beauty that is rooted within her.  Hannah’s parents are so dedicated… we admire that dedication and it inspires us to do better with our own kids.  Hannah, what a pleasure it was to be able to work with you in creating these images for such a special year of your life.  Congratulations in succeeding already in so many areas and may God continue to bless you and your talents. We love the way you use those gifts for the Lord… Thank you for choosing us to give us this honor.  Hope you enjoy these pictures forever!