How We Backup // The Why and the Steps

Now, let’s face it… Have you ever lost a file during your ‘digital life’?  There’s no worse feeling… It may have been your senior paper that you stayed up writing or all of your pictures on your phone, your usb drive, or that dreaded moment when your computer crashes before you clicked save… We have come to a point in our society where we can’t function without technology because IT’S AWESOME!  I mean, for us, we wouldn’t have a job without it!  Everything we do in our business involves technology.  It’s the best invention if used correctly.  BUT!  It can be very dangerous too… because in a split second, it can cause devastation.  It’s pretty scary too… It literally has control over our lives and the function of our world.  Remember “Y2K”?  Yeah nothing happened, but what if it did?  I mean doesn’t it cause a bit of a chaos in your home when your wifi isn’t working?  I know it will and has in ours!  All that to say… there’s one thing we take very seriously more than ANYTHING in our business and that’s how I backup our files.  Because we know scary things can happen, we do everything in our power to prevent that from happening.  Every precaution is taken.  (Please keep in mind as you’re reading that there are numerous ways of backing up…. just like photography, everyone has their own way of doing it, but this is the system that works for me and the one I follow.) So, here we go…

  1. First, let’s start with the memory cards.  Yes, I said cardsssss because I shoot with two.  One is an SD card and the other is a CF card.  So, there are already two copies as I’m shooting.

2.  Immediately after we say goodbye to our bride and groom, pack up our stuff and get in the car, I put one of the cards in my pocket.  Why?  Just in case as I’m getting gas on the way home and someone steals my car, I still have my client’s wedding pics in my pocket.  Or, you can imagine any other scenario that can occur where I’m separated from my car that has the other memory card.  I know I can’t prevent all the ‘what if’s’, but again, whatever I can control, I try.

3.  Our wedding days are anywhere between 12-16 hours.  Now, that’s a long day… But, it doesn’t and can’t end there.  Honestly, I’m drained… just totally drained physically, mentally, every way possible.  My feet hurt, my knees hurt, my shoulders, my fingers, I’m just starving, thirsty, dirty, but I gotta do what I gotta do.  Trust me, all I want to do is just sleep, but that’s not possible. The long day has to still continue for another 2 hours until I can sleep in peace.  Because if this step isn’t done, I can’t reward myself with sleep.  I backup the files from the memory cards onto TWO hard drives.  Below is a pic of the hard drive that I like to use.  (Western Digital My Books)

4.  While everything is backing up, I grab 4-5 sneak peeks to edit for the bride and the groom and I text or email it to them.  Just the extra mile customer service… I also send them to my wife who will post them as she sees fit on our social media sites.

5.  One hard drive stays home.  We put the other drive in my car.  My wife or I drive the one in my car to our friends, the Mins, who stores them for us so nicely and in an organized manner because that’s what they’re good at.   And yes, we’re totally advertising for them… Please do follow for all sorts of DIY fun.    Ok, back to backing up…   I drive it there so that just in case my house (God forbids) burns down or anything, we still have another copy offsite.  I label every single one of them and know which shoot is in which drive in the categories that I have.  So, if I ever need a file from a previous shoot, I can just ask the Mins for which number and they can easily access it for us.  I think they will soon begin charging us for space rental fee.   LOL!  No, but seriously, thank you for doing this for us, Yuni and Jimmy.  

So, there you have it!  This is something that we get asked a LOT!  And rightly so because it’s very important.  And, if you’re a bride or groom shopping for your photographer, do ask this question!  This is CRUCIAL to the success of your wedding photography business.  When we meet our couples for consultations, we are able to confidently answer the “How do you backup?” question because this is what we do for every shoot and we have never, ever lost our photos or not delivered them due to technical malfunction.  And, we intend to keep it that way… Hope you found this helpful and if you have any questions about this blog or have suggestions for our future business blogs, please feel free to let us know!  Thank you for reading, and see you guys on FacebookInstagramand Instagram Stories.