Ruth + Braden / Flint Hill Wedding

I remember talking to Ruth about this time last year when she inquired us of our services.  Our friend and client, Debbie, referred her to us and I can’t be more grateful… From the beginning, Ruth knew exactly what she wanted… we met, she signed and here we are now blogging her wedding day.  I LOVE people who know what they want and make decisions!  This couple is what I call a “badda bing badda boom” couple.  They set their minds to it and get it done!  No excuses… it’s just no wonder that they have the discipline to work out and look fabulous like the way they do.  Now, if my wife and I could one day have a double date with these guys at the gym, we’d be golden.   I knew to make Braden happy because I seriously did not want to get a punch from him.  I’m kidding, well, not really… you know what I mean.   But, in all seriousness, I just adore this couple and have absolutely loved getting to know them over the last year and working with them.  They’re sweet as sweet can be… any emails that Ruth sent us lifted us up so much with encouragement and kindness.  Their wedding day was filled with family and friends that dearly loved them…. I mean, look at their wedding party!  Now, that’s what you a call a squad!  Loved how they stayed so timeless and classy with their style… As you can see, this couple looked absolutely fabulous and my job easy!  Ruth + Braden, thank you both so much for being so amazing to work with.  We sincerely wish you guys an incredible marriage… marriage that becomes an example to all around you.  May God continue to bless you with all that you do.  We love you guys!