Stephanie + Livingston / Fun at the Fair

When our clients have their heart set on something, we want to do whatever we can to make that happen for them!  From the beginning, Stephanie wanted to have their e-session at a fair in north Georgia, but she couldn’t get a hold of them… so, we decided to have it in a nearby park with a waterfall.  But a couple of days before the shoot, our daughter brought home a free ticket to another county fair that I had no idea was going on.  Because this one was near the park, it was so worth trying!  If it didn’t work out, we would just go to the park… Well, we met there and although it was a bit hotter than a usual fall day, the evening turned out amazing!  See, the fair is very special to this couple because they have been there many times together.  They love to have fun like that with one another… it’s “their thing”.   I know that when I have my heart set on something, no matter how greater the other thing is, it’s just disappointing.  So, I was so pumped that this location worked out!  We all had a blast walking around the fair smelling the funnel cakes and cotton candy…. seeing kids running around just having a good time.  Capturing the fun that this couple cherish with one another meant a lot.  We were able to still have time for a few shots in the park too!  Stephanie + Livingston, you guys were great!  Livingston, so sorry that the ride at the end didn’t make you feel too great, but you were a trooper and we are so happy that you felt better after it all came out…  My wife and I absolutely enjoyed the evening with you guys.  Your chill personalities are such a pleasure to be around and we had so much fun hearing your acorns story.  We are stoked about your wedding coming up…. you guys make such a great, beautiful couple!  See you guys soon!