Susan + Patrick / Juliet Chapel Wedding

Love is patient, love is kind… When I think of this couple, that verse just comes to mind.  (Did you guys notice that that rhymed?  hehe) Their entire wedding day was just like that… patient and kind.  That’s the best I can describe Susan + Patrick.  I remember when we stepped into the home that Susan was getting ready in.  Pandora was on “wedding songs”… romantic music was playing and everyone was simply ‘chill’.  As we set up our gear and began capturing her getting ready, I remember thinking how relaxing everything felt.  You can’t ever find Susan not smiling… her countenance is always joyful!  We just love that about her.  Later, her hubs to be came and it was no surprise to me that he was like that too.  When he came in with his two groomsmen, we all hit it off fast.  I just knew that this day was going to be a good day and a good day it was!  Patrick is a photographer himself and honestly, it’s intimidating to photograph another photographer’s wedding.  But with him, he didn’t make me feel that way at all.  In fact, he totally trusted us and made us feel very comfortable so we truly appreciated that.  As Susan finished her makeup, hair and was ready to put her dress on, you could just sense the anticipation.  Every time it’s time to put the dress on, you can see that the bride is thinking, “ok, it’s getting real… this is really happening…”.  Susan began taking deeper breaths and she was just ready to see her groom.  Patrick found an amazing field across the street from the venue and it was just perfect for the style they were going for.  We set up their first look there and it was just glorious!  The view on top of that hill was just wow… there’s no word!  We just kept saying, “what a view!”  Susan looked absolutely stunning and Patrick was as dapper can be.  Tears flowed as their best friends looked on to see what the reaction of the groom was going to be.  Oh, I just love first looks!  Everything about this wedding was intimate.  The venue was a charming chapel in the mountains with a charming number of guests… every little detail was charming.  The bride went for a vintage look and she did it so nicely… Let me not forget to mention how amazing their family and friends were.  Let me be real for a second.  Sometimes, wedding vendors are not treated very nicely, but not at this wedding!  Family members kept offering us food throughout the entire day, made sure that we were ok and had everything we needed.  I remember thinking at times, “where am I?”  The couple had incredible friends (how could they not because they’re incredible themselves) that helped and they were so fun and easy to work with.  It was great to see our past clients, Roger and Miriam too and their cutest little baby!  Even as we were leaving, I remember their coordinator handing us bottles of coke to drink on the way home.  How sweet is that?  They say you are who your friends are and I learned a lot about Susan and Patrick through their friends… guys, you are both such great individuals and we can’t wait to see the impact you will make as a married couple!  Thank you for being so sweet to us and for allowing us to capture the most important day of your lives.  It was such an honor.  May God continue to bless you in all that you do… We love you guys!