Cristen + Alandis / Piedmont Greystone & Dockside Wedding

This season as most of you know has been unusually warm for this time of the year in Georgia, but not on this wedding day!  It was a bit chilly and windy, so it actually felt like a nice fall wedding that Cristen and Alandis were going for.  Most fall weddings this year felt like summer weddings!  Whew!  So, I don’t about you, but I was happy that the temps were just right.  We didn’t have to worry about makeup melting off or anything related to sweat.    I remember walking in to meet Cristen and the ladies for their getting ready shots, and Cristen was the sweetest bride.  I could tell that she was getting nervous for her big day as she gathered everything.  Her makeup artist and hair stylist did an amazing job…. Alandis was getting ready in the same hotel too, and we were just stoked to have a great day.  First look time came and wow… let me tell you… I’ve never seen a groom cry so much.  That may or may not have made me cry too.    Seriously, his expressions were priceless.  When a man loves a woman, that’s what happens!  He cried so much when she came walking down the aisle too.  Alandis, I think you made everyone cry.  Their outdoor wedding overlooking the beautiful city of Atlanta in Piedmont Park was just priceless.  Even the geese were excited to join in the celebration.    The reception was full of fun, tons of dancing, amazing friends and yummy food… the smiles and the happiness that the bride and groom were feeling were contagious throughout the night.  Alandis and Cristen, you guys were one fabulous bride and groom.  We enjoyed every minute with you both.  Thank you for being so kind all throughout the day and pushing through the cold to get our fav night time shots!  Have the best marriage and we hope to see you again for your family portraits soon!