Rouse & Carlson Family Portraits / Ponce City Market Beltline Atlanta

Not sure if Pastor Colleen remembers, but when we bought our first home, she came over and spent an entire day at our house helping us find the right paint colors in our home.  You see, she is so multi-talented.  Her visual sense is so creative that if it wasn’t for her ministry calling, she would totally either be a fashion designer or an interior designer of some kind.  We then one day went over to their house for something I can’t recall, but as we were talking in one of her rooms, I just mentioned how I loved everything in there and the way she decorated it.  Without any hesitation, she started grabbing things like the throw blanket (which I still have and use in our living room) and few other pieces of decor.  She handed it to me and told me to have it.  I was like, “WOW!  THANK YOU!”  As I’m writing this blog, I see that blanket across the room. See, I told you, I still use it.    It’s something I will treasure for the rest of my life.  It’s more than just a blanket to me.  It reminds me what giving does to someone… it reminds me of the verse, “It is more blessed to give…”, and it will always remind me of my pastor loving on me.  That’s just the way they are… they can’t help it.  In any situation, they always try to somehow help.  I know there were so many times, but I have to share two more incidents where it left such a sweet memory in my heart.  One year when it was Craig’s birthday, he and I were walking into the mall and saw Pastor Colleen coming out.  She asked what we were doing and when we told her that it was his birthday and we were just shopping for him to get something, she opened up her wallet and gave us money to add on to what we had.  She didn’t even think about it!  Then one day…. OMG this was one of our roughest days… I got a phone call saying that Craig got into a huge car accident.  Our entire church staff was so helpful, and I remember feeling so loved when Pastors Dennis and Colleen came to the emergency room.  It didn’t end there… they waited til Craig was ok and drove us to all the places we needed to go for the car, to take care of the insurance, even to Kroger to get some food (that’s when I learned that Pastor Dennis likes PB&J hehe). They then came over, ate lunch with us until we settled down.  I was so embarrassed because our house was a hot mess.  Oh well… hopefully we’ve grown up a little more now…   I’m sure you get the point that they’re amazing, right?  Yes, they are indeed.

This year was a special year to photograph them because there’s an addition to their family!  They gained an incredible son-in-love earlier this year when their stunning daughter got married.  Their wedding was just fabulous and we were so bummed that we missed it.  Sigh… Now, they are a family of four and they have never looked better. Aren’t they the most gorgeous people or what?  No seriously, I don’t think they’ve aged since I’ve met them.  Well, when you love Jesus like that, you can’t help but look young and joyful!  It was such a delight to see them again and spend the little time we got to spend with them.  As we were walking from scene to scene, I gained so much wisdom from them as a parent… they gave me a perspective that I never even thought of before.  It was such an invaluable piece of advice that I have already applied and it’s been amazing!  Wisdom is such a gift… the greatest inheritance you can ever receive that will have an everlasting impact.

Pastors Dennis and Colleen, Josiah and Lauren, you guys are world changers!  What a legacy… You’re still going strong and I can’t stop being amazed.  Josiah, it was a pleasure meeting you in person!  You and Lauren are absolutely perfect together, and we pray that God continues to pour down His love and blessings over you.  Thank you all once again for a wonderful time!  What a beautiful family you are inside and out.  We appreciate you and love you all so much!  Merry Christmas and may this upcoming new year be the best one yet!