Saldana Family / Georgia Fall Family Portraits

Do you have a friend who is always full of energy, passion and joy?  That’s who the Saldanas are to us.  They are the most positive, optimistic, faithful, passionate friends who love Jesus so much that His love exudes out of them daily to everyone that they encounter.  I just LOVE that!  Every time we are with this family, life is simply just good. Nothing is as bad as it seems when they’re there.  They wisely and proactively live their lives with purpose and with a plan.  We admire the way they raise their three cutie patooties to allow them to thrive in what God has planned for their lives now and for their future.  This shoot was special because after their shoot, we all just hung out for the evening while my mom cooked away to feed all of our bellies with the yummiest Korean food.  She is THE best cook, y’all!  Oh yeah… that’s another reason we love this fam.  They LOVE Korean food.  When you eat with them, anything tastes good.  I’m telling you… they do everything passionately!  Their energy is literally contagious and more than anything, we love laughing together when we share things about our lives.  Wow… Victor and Linda, I’ve lost count…. Is this the 9th one?  Again, you’re our most loyal client who are our dear friends as well.  We appreciate your continued support for us and our business year after year.  We are so grateful for that more than you can imagine!  We love you guys and we are excited for what’s in store for your family in 2017!  Merry Christmas and may this new year be your best yet.