Souh Family Portraits / Roswell Mill

Every single family is of course so precious and special to us, but when out of towners like Jennifer inquires us, it means so much more!  They were coming in town for Thanksgiving and wanted to have their portraits done with her family here.  How sweet is that?  Loved meeting her sisters and well as their parents… it’s amazing when you see how much your family has grown in pictures, doesn’t it?  The impact of two people falling in love has on this world is truly amazing… So thankful that the weather cooperated and the sunset glow this particular evening was stunning.  Jennifer’s three handsome boys were a joy to photograph, and I’m very honored to have met them as well as her husband! They made my job easy, and I hope that we have begun an annual tradition with this family.    Souh fam, thank you for coming to us for your Christmas cards pic!  Thank you for making this world a better place by being so wonderful… Hope to see you guys again next year!