Stephanie + Livingston / Dunaway Gardens Fairy Tale Wedding

I think everyone dream of a fairy tale… I mean, isn’t that why we all love to watch Disney movies?  It makes us feel so dreamy and leaves us with hope that a “happily ever after” is out there for us too.  I am so happy for Stephanie and Livingston that they found that in each other.  Love that makes them so joyful and happy… love that allows them to trust one another in knowing that it will last forever and ever.  Their love isn’t the only thing that’s like a fairy tale, their wedding even looked like it too!  They chose such a perfect venue for the look they were going for.  Dunaway Gardens was absolutely gorgeous, but not more than our bride, Stephanie, who chose the most perfect blush dress for herself.  She was simply perfect in it and I know Livingston thought the same.  Oh my gosh… this wedding was a fairy tale inside and out.  I am just loving every single shot and the way they turned out.  Some look like paintings… art… Ok, so I have been to countless weddings and one thing that they all have in common is that it can be a stressful day, but I can honestly say that this wedding didn’t give me any bit of stress.  I didn’t know that that was possible… Stephanie and Livingston, I truly mean that… Your wedding was the most ideal wedding ever… You have set the bar high!  You guys were the most amazing couple I have ever, ever, ever worked with and I just can’t express the appreciation I have for that.  I have sincerely enjoyed working with you both from the beginning…. the engagement shoot was a blast and your wedding day will be one that is unforgettable. We hope that you enjoy these captured moments as much as I have.  We wish you guys the BEST marriage and that it will bring you an abundance of joy.  Congratulations!