Winnie + Andrew / Villa Christina Wedding

One of the things I do after a wedding (if my wife wasn’t the second shooter) is come home and tell her everything that happened during the day for at least an hour.  As the files are being backed up and get my midnight snack :), I share all the highlights from the day.  After Winnie + Andrew’s wedding, I totally remember saying the words, “I think that was the most stress free wedding I’ve ever shot.”  I said that because it was…. There were many reasons why.  First, the bride was the most laid back bride EVER.  She was simply happy on her wedding day and that happiness was the only thing she needed to be content.  She was happy to have met the best man alive and to call him husband.  Second, the groom was pretty amazing himself.  I’ve never had a groom at a wedding offer me drinks and take care of me like that.  He always made sure I was ok.  Now, I don’t know about you, but for a groom to do that on his wedding day speaks volumes about his character.  I know that if he can do that with his wedding photographer, he will surely take care of his wife dearly.

And, have you heard of the saying, “You are who your friends are?”  It’s true… from the beginning of their day to the end, I only met kind, caring, giving people who surrounded Winnie and Andrew to celebrate them. Even when we were doing the getting ready shots, their family members and friends constantly offered me food.  They treated me like family… and it meant so much and made me feel very comfortable.  It was a day where it made me realize what generosity and kindness does to someone and it made me desire to be more like that too.  And, how can we not mention their wedding coordinator, Ji Young?  Yes, this lady was the icing on the cake.  There are friends and there are friends who are like Ji Young.  Oh, did I mention that she is not a ‘professional’?  Meaning, she doesn’t do this for money.  She does this because she loves her friends… But, she is THE best coordinator I ever worked with (this wasn’t the first time).  Her smile never leaves her face… she loves to coordinate weddings for fun and take care of all vendors, but she loves her friends even more and it truly shows.  Ji Young, thank you SO MUCH for your selfless service!!!

I just loved all the special celebrations like the Chinese tea ceremony and the red wedding dress!  The uniqueness of this wedding day was such a blast to capture.  Everything was beautiful decorated… the venue was great, the details were great, the bride was stunning, the weather was wonderful, I mean, seriously… everything was amazing. Winnie + Andrew, we truly enjoyed working with you guys.  We are so thankful for incredible clients like you who make us feel like friends when it’s all said and done.  We hope that you guys love your wedding pictures for all the wonderful days to come in your marriage.  Your love for one another will really set an example to this world like the way you guys did for me.  Thank you for bringing more kindness and joy to our world… Thank you for choosing us to capture your wedding day…