Taylor + Dustin / Lake Lanier Wedding

I think that my fellow wedding photographers will all agree that what makes us unique from all other photographers is that our environment can't be controlled.  A wedding day will happen no matter what... if it rains, if it's deadly hot, if it's snowing, if it's dreary, if the groom is late, if the bride is late, if the cake is late, if the flowers are not the right color, if the makeup artist doesn't show up, you name it, "the show will go on...".  I mean, isn't that true?  And come what may, my job is to make my couple's pictures look fabulous!  I thrive on that challenge, and I love the uniqueness of each wedding and simply love it.  On Taylor + Dustin's wedding day, something came... something came strong.  WIND...!  So much wind that there was weather advisory on it.  Pretty random for Georgia.... But, we all decided to stay positive and know that this was definitely better than rain, right?  The bride and the groom were fantastic in cooperating and used it to our advantage.  It was in the beautiful venue of Lake Lanier, and the scenery was just beautiful.  The bride was just stunning.  The dress was perfect and the groom was as handsome as ever.  The guests were great too, and in most of the pictures, you wouldn't even be able to tell that crazy wind was upon us.  All I see is a happy man and wife who vowed to one another to love til death do them apart.  Those are strong words.... more strong than wind can ever be.  Nothing... no type of weather could break that promise.  Taylor + Dustin, I'm so happy for you guys!  Thank you for making the BEST out of your day... and to remember that no matter what life may bring, that nothing can take your joy and happiness away from you guys.  That you will be as strong as day number one... that your marriage will get stronger and stronger everyday. Thank you for coming to us for your memories.  It was fun and an honor... again, congratulations!