Ashlee + Jon / Philips Arena & Atlanta Skyline Engagement

Sometimes, you don't what you have... we live in a society where we always want more, want something bigger, something better.  Spending time with Ashlee + Jon around the city made me realize that our city of Atlanta really is beautiful.  There are endless places to go, places to see... We can I guess compare this city with other ones, but what good will that do?  If we want it to be like Chicago or LA or New York, then it will never just be Atlanta... In the same way, this couple was simply beautiful too.  The way they were so content with one another.  The way they knew that there can't be anything better than each other.  No matter what society may say, what others may say, what this world may offer, they unconditionally love one another.  In the way they look at each other, there's complete trust, and I am so happy to have captured that for them!  During the shoot, we ran into couple of unexpected events around the city, but there were still smiles on their faces... They didn't care.  No matter what, they chose to be happy and enjoyed the shoot.  It's so amazing that their relationship and future marriage will be the same way.  Come what may, but nothing can take away their joy.  They choose to love, and I love that about Ashlee + Jon.  Guys, thank you for being so flexible during the shoot!  I had a great time with you both.  You guys looked fabulous, and I'm so looking forward to your wedding day.  Congratulations again on your engagement, and I hope that every time you look at these pictures, it will be a reminder how perfect you guys are for one another.