Josyln / Sope Creek Quinceanera Portraits

Is it just me or does time go by faster and faster the older I get?  I just don’t remember life passing by so fast when I was younger.  Well, I wish there was a way to slow it down just a little… It’s crazy when I’m out of town just for a few days and I feel like my kids grew a foot and have matured so much.  If I feel like this with my little ones, I can’t imagine what it would be like to have my kids to 15 years old!  Well, Joslyn turned 15 this year and it’s very significant in her culture.  Kind of like “sweet 16”.  They celebrate it as a “quinceanera”.  I took portraits of this family a few years ago, and they contacted me back for this milestone for their daughter, and I was so honored when they did.  It means so much!  We got rained out once, but this time, the weather was fantastic, and Joslyn did an amazing job at Sope Creek!  She is just stunning and what a trooper she was!  At the end of the shoot, I asked if she was willing to sit on the water, and I was so happy when she was totally up for it.  Those turned out to be my favorite shots!  Joslyn, thank you for being so flexible and doing whatever it took to create beautiful photos.  We are so happy for you and your family… congratulations on turning 15, and we hope you enjoy these pictures!  You’re beautiful inside and out!  Marisol and family, thank you once again.  I can’t imagine how proud you must be of Joslyn.  You guys did an incredible job raising her!  Can’t wait to see you guys soon again at the party!