Julia + Eric / Kellum Valley Farm Wedding

Just in case you don't know yet, things happen.  We can control only so much.  Sometimes, there's nothing we can do.  Like at all... That's where love comes in.  When love enters, it just makes everything better.  It makes us stop and realize that that's the only thing that matters in life.  In the end, that's all we need.  I am one lucky guy to be in the business of love.  I see it everyday... day in and day out... couples falling in love and making a life time commitment to stay in love.  I get to hear their stories and witness their vows to one another.  When you're faced with this on a constant basis, it's pretty hard to forget about it.  Every wedding challenges me to love my wife better.  To hold her tighter.  I've shared before, but I cry at every wedding.  There's at least one moment at each one where it just gets me and I get choked up.  Julia and Eric's wedding got me several times.  :)  A couple of unplanned, unexpected things happened, but nothing affected this couple.  They were like, "oh well!"  Their commitment to make their best day the best day was awesome to see.  I love Julia and Eric!  Their smiles were contagious... When you looked at Julia, you knew and thought, "wow!  She is so happy."  She was beautiful too and Eric was mesmerized by her beauty.  Their first look was just simply joyful.  The emotions were uncontainable.  This wedding goes in the books for me as the most peaceful wedding.  The weather was great, the bride and groom were the most relaxed ones ever, the staff was excellent, the venue was stunning.  I mean, this was a wedding photographer's heaven.  Julia and Eric, I am so thankful that you came to us.  You paid me to give you a great experience, but wow, you gave ME the best experience ever and for that, I am grateful.  Julia, you looked like a true princess and Eric, you were prince charming indeed!  I am so happy for you guys... Hope you cherish these moments for the rest of your lives.