Cassandra + Ryan / Piedmont Park & Skyline Engagement

My new motto in life is, "you never know...".  I have never in my dreams have thought that I would ever own a business.  To consider myself an entrepreneur is still surreal.  Because of this season of my life, I love meeting other entrepreneurs.  And of course, amazing ones!  Ryan is one of them and just hanging around him was awesome for me.  And Cassandra?  She has an incredible profession too.  Can you guess?  Nursing!  After my wife and I had three kids, I highly respect this profession... they're truly awesome!  So, all that to say, this e-session was great in so many ways.  They're not just smart and excellent in what they do, they look fabulous too!  How are they so perfect?  They were seriously such naturals in front of the camera.  I mean, were they models too?  I'm telling you... some people are just so good at so many things... and this couple is one of them!  Cassandra and Ryan, what an honor it is for me to be a part of your wedding journey.  Thank you for being so easy to work with and being such beautiful individuals inside and out.  I had the best time with you guys and am looking so forward to seeing you guys again on your wedding day!