Renita + Ken / Loews Hotel & SQ5 Atlanta Wedding

A photography buddy of mine referred me to our next couple, Renita + Ken.  Love how we are a community... a community that supports and encourages one another.  He was already booked, so he asked me if we were available, and am I so thankful for that or what!  Thank you, Brian Wagoner Photography!  Renita + Ken probably have been one of the easiest couples I've ever worked with.  I love how they are so sentimental, organized and just appreciates photography very much.  They are so loving and kind to everyone around them so that pretty much explains their success in all that they do including their relationship!  Ken adores Renita and it just shows... My gosh, do I love his reaction during their first look!  This wedding was very special in that there was a sweet surprise... not for the bride and the groom, but for the guests!  The guests were told that the couple already had a private ceremony and that this event was just the reception; a party.  But, no it wasn't!  It was the ceremony too!  After the guests arrived, they surprised them by saying that they actually aren't married yet and wanted to share the special moment with all of their friends and family.  Everyone cheered as you can imagine and the ceremony was just so heart felt.  And oh man... I am just loving the venue that they chose!  SQ5 was just amazing and the staff is incredible.  Need a venue???  You should definitely consider this one... the roof top look is just fabulous... But, not more fabulous than the way Renita + Ken looked.  Absolutely loved Renita\'s dress and Ken was just dapper.  Renita + Ken, it's been a joy to experience this journey with you both... Thank you for being so amazing.  What a pleasure it was to work with you... Hope you cherish and enjoy these captured moments and relive your most special day every time you see them!