Lori + Craig / Lenox Park & Buckhead Engagement

Engagement is such a special and unique season in someone's life... that "in between" stage... that "not anymore", but "not yet there" stage.  It's a transitional time... A time where you put a lot of effort preparing for the next chapter.  A time where you plan the rest of your life.  It's almost like a mother waiting for her unborn child.  Similar to pregnancy, an engagement also is an average of 9 months long.  Although you don't know exactly how the next phase will look or change you, you know it will be good and it will be amazing.  You want the day that will birth the next chapter of your life to be just perfect.  To be like the way you dreamed... A time where you hold on to the promise that you were given by the one you dearly love and trust.  Isn't it such a special and precious time?  That's why I love engagement portraits... For me as a photographer, I love these hours I get to spend with the bride and the groom.  A relaxed time where it's just the two of them... Walking from scene to scene, getting to know their story, getting to witness love itself.  I got to do just that with Lori and Craig (love his name by the way hehe).  They were just such a picture perfect couple and were compete naturals in front of the camera.  We went to Lenox Park and then headed to the Buckhead area in evening for stunning night time shots.  Had THE best time with this couple!  Lori and Craig, I wish you guys the best journey as you enter your marriage and then many, many blessings to you as a married couple.  It was such a pleasure!