Chloe + Jordan / Ivy Hall Roswell Wedding

sope creek ruins engagement portraits atlanta georgia_0102.jpg

Our next bride’s mom is probably one of the best referrals I’ve ever received.  One of our mentor and friend referred Chloe’s mom for insurance, and I never knew that insurance could be such a great experience until we met her.  She takes care of us so much…. and not just that!  She gave me the honor to be her first daughter’s wedding photographer.  And here we are now blogging her second daughter’s wedding.  Wow!  I mean, isn’t that just so cool?  They really make me feel like I’m a part of their family whenever I’m with them.  So nice… so kind… so sweet and welcoming.  I’m just so happy to be blogging Chloe + Jordan’s wedding right now.  As expected, their wedding was gorgeous… the bride was stunning and the groom was dapper and happy as he can be.  Their bright, genuine smiles are my fav part!.  It’s seriously contagious… Even as I was editing and choosing images for this blog, I literally found myself just smiling!  Just love them!  Chloe + Jordan, you guys made my job the best one in the world.  Had such a great time with you guys and celebrating your union and the beginning of your marriage.  You guys are blessed with such incredible family, and we wish you guys only the best forever and ever!  That through the good and the bad of life, you will be able to look back on this day and remember how it all began and the vows you guys exchanged and the promises to one another.  May these images allow you to relive every moment of your day.  Congratulations….