Jennifer + Craig / Buford Community Center Wedding

Love is in the air with our next couple, Jennifer + Craig!!!  It was a beautiful summer day… the bride was gorgeous in her dress… everything was lined up perfectly.  The handsome groom was so happy especially when he saw her bride!  Every detail came together.  The family was there to celebrate their love for one another and the day just couldn’t have been better.  I remember when I met with this couple and Jennifer’s parents.  After finding out that the father of the bride was a photographer himself, you can imagine that I was quite nervous.  But, he absolutely loved our work and I was just stoked!  After their meeting, I went to a grocery store to pick up a few things that my wife needed, and I remember him calling me on speaker phone with everyone listening in telling me that they have officially chosen me as their photographer.  I was absolutely honored.  I immediately called my wife to share the good news.  I think some people are surprised by the fact that even now, EVERY single time anyone books with us or compliments our work, it makes me feel like no other.  So, Jennifer, Craig and family… thank you for all your kind words. I really enjoyed shooting your engagement shoot and was honored to be able to capture your wedding day.  You guys were amazing, and we are just so happy to be sharing these moments with you.  We hope that you’ll be able to cherish and remember every aspect of your wedding and relive it every time you view them.  Thank you for everything, and happy marriage!