Ail + Tommy / Downtown Minneapolis & Minnehaha Falls Engagement

Few years ago, I met Ali at her brother’s wedding… I had such a pleasure shooting his wedding and little did I know that I would hear from his sister, Ali, for her wedding!!!  Wow!  When I get to shoot more than once for a family for weddings, I really feel like I’m a part of their family…   When you share such an important and special part of a family’s life, you just build a bond with them, you know?  Well, I was stoked when she officially booked with us.  Ali + Tommy live in Minneapolis and what was crazy was that the same week they inquired us, another couple from Minneapolis did as well and we booked both couples!  So we asked each couple if they knew each other somehow, but they didn’t, and we were like, “whoa!”  The story gets even better… Ali and Tommy wanted to fly me to the Twin Cities for their engagement shoot!  If you know me, I love to travel, and any chance to see especially a place where I’ve never been gets me so excited. Ali was on top of the planning and got it all set up for us, and we all just patiently waited of the day to come.  When it did, it could not have been any better.  I love Atlanta, but when it becomes Hotlanta in the summer and summer just doesn’t seem to end, it just drags… I’m originally from Canada, so I long for the cold weather often and easily.  Well, when I went up for their e-session, it was in the mid 70s… yes, my fellow Atlantans, can you imagine that?  I’m writing this in Sept and I just can’t believe that we broke 100 degrees this week.  Crazy, I say!  Needless to say, it was perfect.  I mean, as perfect as perfect can be.    We didn’t drop a sweat and just walked around the town enjoying the perfect air… The couple had the happiest smiles on their faces.  When I landed my eyes on minnehaha, I couldn’t believe it!  I just knew we had to shoot there, and that is now my official fav e-session pic!  It turned out just epic… Ali + Tommy, thank you so much for your hospitality… Everything turned out so amazing.  It all went according to plan and even better, and you made me really enjoy being a traveling photographer.  Thank you for being so easy to work with and trusting me as your photographer.  I can’t wait to see you guys on your wedding day and celebrate with you guys!