Lindsey + Brandon / Flint Hill Wedding

As I was editing Lindsey and Brandon’s pictures, I literally relived their wedding day.  I could feel the emotions… from Brandon’s reaction during their first look to the epic entrance of their amazing and fun wedding party, to the energy of their dance floor.  The beautiful colors of turquoise and gold were beautiful… the stunning traditional outfits… this wedding just had so much character and special moments for me to capture!  What fun!  Not just that… the bride and the groom were absolutely joyful the entire day!  It was a pleasure being around them… I had the best time capturing their genuine emotions and expressions.  This couple were just picture perfect in every way… I knew even from their engagement portraits that they had to have some kind of modeling experiences!  Wow!  Guys, you were both pros in front of the camera and you really made my job easy.  I enjoyed this wedding even more because I got to see some familiar faces and it was just so good to see them and catch up even for the short chance that I had with them.  I just love weddings with culture!  One of my fav part of my wedding 10 years ago was the part where we celebrated my wife’s culture and to see Lindsey and Brandon celebrate their special culture was very fun to partake in.  Guys, it is an honor for me to share these with you tonight.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I have!  May God continue to bless you, your marriage and your future together.