Nery + Ricardo / The Biltmore Atlanta Wedding

The dress, the colors, the cake, the flowers, the venue, the bridesmaids… these are just a few things that are on the mind of a bride as she plans the best day of her life.  Especially at the beginning, it can be quite overwhelming.  It’s the best day, but it sure is hard to achieve it.  In fact, when we speak to many couples, they share with us many of the things that they are going through.  And, we understand because we have been there as well.  But, it’s amazing how at the end of the day, it all comes together.  Every wedding somehow becomes beautiful, emotional and sentimental.  We appreciate everything, so it is our goal to capture every detail of their day so that they can not just remember it, but share it with generations to come in their family.  These captured moments are beyond pictures, it’s a legacy we all will leave behind for our children and our grandchildren.  Nery + Ricardo, what a superb job you guys did… you guys have so much to share and give to your family and your future family… Nothing went unnoticed.  Nery, you were absolutely stunning.  The dance between you and your father will never be forgotten. Ricardo, dude!  You defined dapper and your suit was excellent. 😉  You’re going to be an incredible husband.  Your family were so fun to be around… the emotions were so genuine.    What a sweet and incredible dad… The tears that were shed were so joyful.  The music made me move without even me realizing.    Even the taste of your wedding cake was just wow!  I just loved absolutely EVERYTHING about your wedding, but most of all, I loved you guys!  Nery + Ricardo, what a pleasure it’s been… From when we met to the engagement shoot and now your wedding day… what an honor, what an opportunity to meet with you both and your loved ones.  I thank you for everything!  Hope to talk to you guys soon… Happy marriage!