Winona + Gavin / Marietta Square Wedding Portraits

I got to meet Winona at a bridal show… after awhile, I received a phone call from her saying that she was ready to book with us!  She had her mind set and was ready!  After asking us our available dates for the month she was interested in, she booked her venue.  She really flattered me by saying that she wanted us to shoot her wedding and will do whatever it takes to make that happen.  Telling you this story not to boast, but to humbly share with you all how much a story like this means to me and my wife.  We absolutely love and enjoy what we do, but it’s not easy… but when brides like Winona share with us feelings like that, it really gets me emotionally and give me a boost of energy that I just can’t describe.  Winona and Gavin, do you guys have any idea the encouragement you’ve given us?  You guys mean so much than we know how to express…. thank you for giving us the honor to capture the day that you guys said, “I do.”  I can’t wait to celebrate with you guys on your wedding day next year… Looking forward to seeing you both again and take more pictures of you two!  Thank you for making this happen and I’m truly honored.  So happy for you guys.  Til then… take care.