Sheryl + David / Duluth Train Museum & KCPC Wedding

Isn't it amazing how two people fall in love? Sometimes, I just can't believe how my wife and I ended up together. We were born literally from opposite sides of the world, yet the Lord guided our ways to somehow meet... and, here we are now 10 years of marriage later. Crazy! Sheryle and David, don't you guys feel that way too? I mean if certain things didn't line up, how could this have happened?

Coincidence? No way... God is in everything, and He for sure was a part of your entire journey in the past and your future. I love how your faith in the Lord is so sold, and I am so honored that you guys have chosen us to capture this most special season for you. From the consultation, to the engagement shoot and now your wedding day... wow! Wasn't all the planning and hard work so worth it? You guys looked fantastic and everything turned out so awesome. The weather cooperated, and I just thank you for the great time! Loved all the details of your wedding day, and I hope that you will forever cherish these captured moments forever. May your marriage be filled with His joy and everlasting peace. That through all the thick and thin, that you look to Him for the answer and that you will be blessed! We congratulate you both once again... It was truly a pleasure.