Ginny + David / Callanwolde Fine Arts Center Wedding

“Love is in the air”… It’s not just a saying.  It’s real… And, it was real on Ginny + David’s wedding day.  As soon as we walked in, Ginny greeted us with arms open wide and with the brightest smile.  She welcomed us into the room where her and her bridesmaids were all getting ready.  She introduced us to everyone and showed us around.  We just knew that this day was going to be a great day.  Soon, we found out that there were unfortunate news for the bride early that morning, but Ginny still hung on and celebrated her most special day with the most joy we have ever witnessed.  She was the kindest bride… her laughter and happiness just filled the atmosphere.  She was truly inspiring!  We met David shortly after when he began getting ready in a separate room next to her.  When you meet the bride, you pretty much know the way the groom is going to be too.  We weren’t surprised when David was the nicest guy.  The anticipated moment of first look finally came, and we could sense the nerves and the excitement at the same time.  As soon as David turned to see his bride for the first time, it was truly a priceless moment.  Moments like these are what makes our job so fulfilling.  The meaning it gives us is indescribable.  As you can imagine, the mood didn’t change at all for the rest of the evening.  When you’re nice, you have nice friends, and everywhere we turned, we were approached with the best people!  The happiest people!  Every single person who attended were there to sincerely and genuinely celebrate the love between these two.  We enjoyed every second… what an honor it was to be a part of something so special and how great it was to finish 2016 so strong!  Ginny and David, you love really filled the air… may your love only continue to grow more and more.  Know that your love between each other truly makes an impact for everyone who witnesses it.  Thank you for incredible.  You guys really, really are… May these photos show you and prove to you that you guys are beautiful.  We are so thankful that you chose us!  Happy marriage!