Kelsey + Ryan / Lake Lanier & A Nice Chevelle SS

Lake Lanier Chevelle Atlanta Falcons Engagement Portraits_0014.jpg

If you're in the south, I'm sure you'll agree with me that it's been one long, hot summer... Just when we expected it to cool down by the end of Sept, the heat wave continued throughout Oct.  We originally had Kelsey + Ryan's e-session scheduled more than a month ago, but we decided that the weather would be much better in Oct.  When their session date arrived, we were all so happy that the decision to reschedule worked out for all of us!  The weather was beyond fantastic, and our couple was very happy about that.  After shooting outdoors for months in the heat, trust me, we were very happy for some cool breeze too!  

At the beginning of the shoot, we ran into a little problem.  The car that Ryan wanted to take pics with didn't make it out of his neighborhood. :(  As we were waiting, we got the call and for a moment we were bummed, but we said to one another, "Well, we can go there then!"  The good thing was that it stopped in their neighborhood and not in the middle of a public road.  Lake Lanier wasn't much far from where they were, so we quickly replanned the shoot to make Ryan's car shot happen!  

So, with their cute (but very strong) boykin spaniels, we began the session at our fav spot in Lake Lanier.  In this spot, the light is stunning when the sun is setting.  We then headed off to one of the docks where the couple spends a lot of their quality time together.  Kelsey + Ryan are the most laid back, down to earth couple you'll ever meet, so the style we were going for was just perfect for them!  Kelsey's mom was sweet enough to watch the dogs for us until we were ready to head to Ryan's car.  As we all caravanned to get to the beautiful Chevelle SS, I was happy to see that it was actually stopped at a great spot!  We had to literally push it just a few feet because it was parked in front of a construction fence, but after we moved it, you would have never known what it was next to!  And, it was pretty easy pushing it when you have 6'7", 300 lb football player pushing it with you.  :)  Be sure to scroll all the way down to see their fabulous night time portraits with their car!  They turned out to be my fav for the night... Kelsey + Ryan, thank you for being so easy and amazing to work with!  Even though the car broke down, your smiles never left your faces throughout the shoot and as you can see, you guys looked stunning together!  Thank you for being who you are.... we learned so much from just hanging out with you both and it was such a pleasure getting to know you more.  We can't wait for your wedding day to get here to celebrate you as husband and wife!  See you guys then and until then, enjoy these photos together... let it remind you both that the love between you is real and beautiful....

With much love,

Craig + Unchong