Erica + Steve / Vineyards & Sunflowers Galore!

sunflowers fields north georgia engagement portraits wine vineyard_0034.jpg

We met Erica at a bridal show, and I clearly remember the joy that she carried with her when she came to our booth.  She too has a lot of experience with weddings.  Because she knows the industry and understands how to run a wedding, we clicked right away.  Erica is a planner and when a planner has a mission, they get it done!  She knew the right questions to ask... we set a date to meet and the consultation was done!  As soon as everything became official, we began planning her engagement shoot which was so fun.  Erica did the majority of the work... she knew from the beginning that a sunflower field is what she wanted.  We only knew of one field in Cumming and theirs bloom end of August and as you know, August is pretty hot around here!  But, Erica knew of another place that plants the flowers later in the year and harvest in the fall.  She did all the research and found this place called Fausett Farm, and wow.... it was nothing like we imagined.  IT WAS HUGE!!!! AND... the weather that day was pretty much perfect!   I don't think we've ever seen so many flowers in one field... like ever!  It was breathtakingly beautiful and we are so appreciative of this couple for discovering this stunning farm.  She picked out the most perfect outfits too!  She is so multi-talented... Erica + Steve were so laid back and chill... the more we spent time together, the more we could feel the love between these two love birds.  You could see the sincere, authentic, and genuine love between them.  They truly adored one another!  I mean, just look at their photos... look how happy they are!  I didn't have to direct them much at all... gosh, we are so happy for you guys!  You make us want to get engaged again.  :) Erica + Steve, it was so fun spending time with you in Dawsonville.... thank you for making these location discoveries and for being simply awesome.  Now, the tease is over (hehe), and we hope that you enjoy ALL of your images, not just your sneak peeks.  ;)  We can't wait for April to get here!  See you guys then...

With much love,

Craig + Unchong