Benny + Bella / The Atrium Downtown Norcross & High Museum Wedding

The Atrium Norcross Wedding Downtown Buckhead Wedding Portraits_0048.jpg

Thx to Google, we met this beautiful couple... Benny googled, "Photographers who shot at the Atrium" one day and found some images taken by us.  So, he contact us through our website and we connected.  He said, "Your photos intrigued me."  (Benny, do you remember writing that email?)  When we found out that he was a designer at Coca Cola, we knew that he has an appreciation of art, of creativity and of photography.  He too is a photographer and is amazing at it!  I'm going to be honest with you... when our clients are photographers themselves or is any type of a "creative", we do get nervous.  VERY nervous.  I may not show it, but inside, my brain is shaking.  But, you know... Benny and Bella are very humble.  You would never know their level of creativity and intelligence until you ask them, "Hey, so what do you do?"  Well, we asked them this question, and I was floored at how smart this couple was, and I really think that their kids are going to be geniuses.  This is the first couple where they were already concerned about what school zone to be in for the sake of their future kids as they were deciding on where to settle down.  We were impressed.... very impressed.  And then, we got to meet their parents at their wedding.  Because of the nature of a wedding day and the rush, we weren't able to speak to them much, but at their post wedding session, Bella's family came to the shoot too, and we had the privilege of getting to know them a bit more.  Bella's parents were so proud of them.  Her dad shared the story of how he educated their kids and how that was so important to them and the work, the labor, and the sacrifice that went behind it.  We are parents of little ones, but as our kids are growing up more and more, we appreciate stories like this so much because we can now relate to the love of parents for their kids.  Yes, it is the desire of any loving parent to do whatever they can for the well being of their children.  His story and his determination to do the best he could really inspired me.  Wow.... what a story!  What a father!  After learning more about them, Bella + Benny seemed different... they were even more special.  I could just see their bright and strong future, their children being so blessed as well and this family's legacy to live on for generations.  Bella, Benny, their friends, and family all treated us so kindly and with respect.  We were overjoyed to be there and to see them so happy and become husband and wife.  This is yet another reason why we love weddings.... every couple has a unique past, present and future!  Benny + Bella, thank you for trusting us.  We are so appreciative of who you are and the love you've shown us during your wedding journey.  We had the most wonderful time creating these images and capturing once in a lifetime moments for you guys.  Thank you for being incredible individuals and now a couple... we sincerely wish you the best of the best in your marriage and your future.  Blessings...!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong