Jones Family Portraits / #COKids Themed Portraits

Ymca Pool Science Kids Portraits_0009.jpg

Inge inquired about our new line of photography called, #COKids Themed Portraits, and we were stoked when she told us about what her two girls were into.  She mentioned swimming for both of the girls and then fashion/art for her younger daughter, science/chemistry for her older one.  What GREAT themes!  As soon as she told us, our brains went wild!  But, we ran into a couple of obstacles like finding a pool to do this shoot in!  Her girls are in an all year round competitive swimming, but it's at a YMCA where there are a lot of people going in and out all day... Our gym didn't work out, and as you know, all outdoor pools are closed this time of the year.  But, Inge's mom made it happen.  She contacted the manager at YMCA who graciously gave us permission to use the pool during the hours when there's not much traffic which was at 1:00pm.  She took her kids out of school early!  I was impressed by her detailed administrative skills, and we were very appreciative of her efforts.  Sure enough, there were only a few people in the pool who actually enjoyed watching us, and the staff there were so nice and helpful.  And... the girls did amazing!  They were so well behaved the ENTIRE shoot and really seemed to enjoy it!  Themed shoots like these take a lot more production time, so it's longer than a usual family portrait session.  A typical family shoot is one hour at the most, but this shoot was three hours and for the girls to cooperate the whole time was impressive!  We really enjoyed every theme especially the science theme at the end!  We did some fun studio work... Craig had the idea of getting dry ice, so on the way to the studio, we quickly stopped by Publix to get some.  Just as he imagined, the dry ice created a very cool special effect that made the shots even better!  These girls are so blessed to have parents who really planned a lot to create these memories for them and for their family.  I believe that this family will always remember the fun they had during this shoot and will cherish these captured images.  Inge and fam, we thank you for a wonderful time... we loved hanging out with you guys and loved that all of our kids got to meet one another and partake in the shoot.  Can't wait to do this one day again!