Downtown Kennesaw Family Portraits

boyd family sneaks 1.jpg

Family... it's the greatest gift.  At times, we forget that and take it for granted, but in the end.... we love our family and that's what life is all about.  As human beings, we can't help but to long for it, desire it and cherish it.  There's no family that is perfect, but through struggles and through triumphs, we forgive and celebrate one another over and over again.  Family is who understands us and are there for us no matter what.  In the past 12 years, our little party of two has grown to a party of five and through those years, we have learned to appreciate and see the beauty of family more than ever before.  Family portraits to us become more meaningful every year because we cherish ours too.  We love shooting big families like this because it shows how generation after generation, they have stuck together and have grown together.  I can't imagine the memories that these folks have shared.... Each child has grown up and have their own families.  The picture above is a combination of four families!  How neat is that?!  Wow... I can't believe our family one day will be this big too.  What a miracle and beautiful right?  God is good indeed!

The forecast wasn't looking good and rain kept coming and going all throughout this day... we kept contemplating on rescheduling, but we all stuck it through and except one short down pour, the weather was on our side!  WHEW!  So glad that we just pushed through all together... all the kids did fantastic and looked SUPER cute!  We were especially so happy for AJ + Justin who are expecting their first child soon!  We shot their wedding about five years ago and how great it was to capture this special season of their lives.  AJ is looking stunning and thankful that she's having a wonderful pregnancy.  Gosh!  Can't wait to see their cutie patootie baby!  Baby Boyd is going to be one handsome dude... and AJ + Justing are going to be incredible parents - and the coolest.  ;)  

To everyone we got to photograph on this shoot... :)  YOU GUYS are amazing!  And beautiful!  Thank you for giving us this opportunity to meet all of you and making this time of your lives into great memories!  Thank you for coming all together in Kennesaw and looking fabulous!  I'm amazed at how your outfits perfectly coordinated.  It's hard even with two people, so we were definitely impressed!  :)  We couldn't stop smiling as we were writing this blog post and viewing your images.  We hope you love them just as much or even more!  Special thanks to Denise for bringing her fam together and making this shoot happen!  We appreciate all the planning that you did behind the scenes...  Blessings to all of you....

With much love,

Craig + Unchong