Taylor Senior Portraits / Nido Cafe & Vickery Village

Vickery Village Nido Cafe Cumming Georgia Senior Portraits_0005.jpg

Senior portraits get so personal for us because we know this special time will soon be coming for our family too.  All we hear is that time will fly by faster and faster and that statement just can't get anymore real more and more.  We appreciate senior portraits more now as well because just understanding the perspective of parents as we grow as parents and knowing that these special seasons are indeed special and so worthy of being celebrated.  PJ, Taylor's mom, contacted us regarding her daughter and their desire for beautiful portraits of this stunning lady.  She proudly told us about her daughter and sent us a family photo so that we can 'digitally' meet her family.  We had the best time planning this day with location and outfits and what great taste they have!  Loved seeing the special bond between this mother and daughter, and I couldn't help but hope that we too will have a wonderful bond with all of our kids when they become teens as well.  

We were so happy to finally meet Taylor and yes, as her mom said, she truly was a beautiful lady inside and out.  She had the most flawless complexion and her hair... OMG, her hair!  The uniquely, deep red really popped and made her all the more special.  And her sweet personality made it all just perfect.  I've always wanted to shoot at the Nido Cafe at Vickery Village in Cumming.  Since my first visit, the decor there really stood out to us, and we knew that Taylor had the perfect look for this place!  And... the owner there is pretty much amazing.  The whole staff is so laid back and serves in the most excellent way.  I've taken my daughter as well as my wife for a date here a few times and each time, the experience gets even better.  We HIGHLY recommend making a trip for great food and fun.  So all that to say, thank you, Nido Cafe!  (He even let us use his scooter, so be sure to check out the photos with that below.)

We then walked around the beautiful Vickery Village for more shots and I just kept saying how easy it was to photograph Taylor.  She was an absolute natural and it amazed me that she was very comfortable in front of the camera.  And..... we had a blast!  It was as if we all knew one another for many years and just clicked and had the most pleasurable time just talking and getting to know one another.  We ended the day with some King of Pops at Chill Hill which is another place at Vickery that allowed us to shoot in.  How nice, right?!!!  Everyone there seems to be in such a great mood and it's really one of the friendliest place I know of!  

Taylor, we congratulate you on your senior year and everything you have worked hard for, everything you have accomplished, the good and the bad, every experience that you have endured to get to this place.  We thank you for choosing us to be your photographers!  Capturing this season of your life was pure joy and we hope to do it again as you continue to journey on in your life.  Thank you for being who you are and being such a light to our world and making it more beautiful.  Continue to be blessed and seek The One who has fearfully and wonderfully created you.

With much love,

Craig + Unchong