Ivy + Joseph / Downtown Norcross & Flint Hill Wedding

Flint Hill Downtown Norcross Wedding Portraits_0056.jpg

When you share such a special journey with someone, you really get to bond with them and share memories that you'll forever remember.  We are so privileged to be able to do that with our clients.  I mean... isn't your wedding day the MOST special day of anyone's life?  When we greet our bride and groom the morning of their wedding when we arrive, we are welcomed with the most bright smiles.  "HI!!!!!!" is what we say to one another, give huge hugs and get to work with the most positive emotions inside of us.  We get to meet their closest family and friends who dearly love them and it's as if you become family in an instant.  Well, that's what it was exactly like at Ivy + Joseph's wedding.  That's exactly how we started off and it was like that throughout their ENTIRE wedding day.  The genuine joy that oozed out of these two was very precious.  Ivy was so happy and so was Joseph when he saw his bride.  Everything that this couple chose from the dress to all the decor were classy.  That's the style they were going for and did they do a good job with it or what?!  Ivy was the classiest bride ever... Not only that, it was so heartwarming to see their family so happy for them.  They all took part in the wedding and it just couldn't have been more perfect.  Everything went so smoothly and at one point, Craig and I wondered if we were even working.  :)  EVERYBODY and everything was on time and there was no stress and rush.  Now, there aren't that many weddings like that, so we truly appreciated the flow of this wedding.  We love Flint Hill, and the coordinators are so excellent.  Because we have shot at their venues many times, we just get one another and everything is easy peasy.  Ivy + Joseph, what a pleasure it has been to walk through this journey with you.  Shooting your engagement and now your wedding day has been such a joy.  Thank you for everything! 

With much love,

Craig + Unchong