Ashley + Bobby / Grant Hill Farms Wedding

Grant Hill Farms Wedding North Georgia_0107.jpg

Ok so... we broke a new record at Ashley + Bobby's wedding.  We broke the "we cried the most at this wedding" record.  We are not just saying it either... really, there were so many emotions... beautiful emotions that is.  Life brings all sorts of joys and difficulties and all those things build our emotions.  We all have unique and special stories and these two definitely had that.  In place of her late father, Ashley chose to do a first look with her grandfather which was the most precious thing we've ever witnessed at a wedding.  Tears were overflowing for everyone in the room.  Just imagining what Ashely was feeling in that moment was indescribable.  I'm telling you.... we just need to have tissues as part of our gear in our luggage because every time tears for fall us, we are desperately in need of tissues so that we can continue to shoot.  :)  Sorry... I always have to have some comic relief because a father's story sometimes gets too intense for me to be able to handle.  And then... the ceremony began and as Bobby looked up to see his bride approach him at the altar, flood gates opened in his eyes.  This is THE most we've ever seen a groom cry.  Because for us, we are "at work", so you know... we have to stay professional in every way, but gosh when this happened, I just gave up.  I just let my eyes do what it needed to do.  Don't worry, we still of course kept shooting, but I just had to let it out too.  When emotions run like that, we can't help but get more creative and really capture the emotions because we too feel it.  I believe that unlike other photography like fashion photography for example, wedding photography is unique in that it has real live emotions and that's why when you view your wedding photos, those emotions come back alive and you're able to relive them.  Well, Ashley + Bobby, we hope that that is exactly what you're able to do with your wedding portraits.  We hope that with every photo, you can feel what you felt in that moment in time and cherish it forever.  Seeing how you love one another was priceless to us. You guys absolutely adore one another.  We loved the authenticity and the genuine and real love that you had for each other.  Thank you for being so kind to us.  We drove away thinking and knowing and believing that you guys will have a wonderful marriage and that your marriage will make a positive impact in our world.  Being part of your wedding day was so special to us - thank you for allowing us to be there!  

With much love,

Craig + Unchong