Maggie + Kody / Sweet Meadow Farm Wedding

Sweet Meadow Farm Wedding Rustic Chic Georgia_0063.jpg

If you know us, we are crazy about Disney!  And, we do believe that it's the happiest place on Earth just like they advertise. :) We have been there many times with our kids, but honestly, I think we enjoy it more than our children.  :)  Well, our next couple, Maggie + Kody, feel the same way about this magical place, so we knew that we were a great match!  When you have something especially a hobby in common, you can't help but bond and relate.  Since the consultation, we knew that they were planning a Disney themed wedding, so we were so anxious to see how they would decorate everything and the dress Maggie was going to wear!  We couldn't help but wonder about her colors, the music and just the overall atmosphere of the wedding.  Well, their wedding day finally came and it totally exceeded our expectations.  The fairy tale look and feel that they intended totally came alive so exquisitely.  The colors were beyond beautiful... The blue and navy blue tones that they chose went perfectly with Kody's burgundy pants even with Maggie's lip color!  The sky was so blue that day, and it was filled with stunning clouds.  The foliage was at its peak, so can you can imagine how colorful and marvelous the day looked!  Well, the good thing is you don't have to imagine because it was captured and you can see and experience it for yourself. :) Maggie + Kody were blessed by their sweet family and friends' presence all day.  You could sense how close they were as they celebrated and really enjoyed one another's company and had a great time making memories together.  Maggie looked like a princess indeed in her beautiful gown... No matter what she was doing, every shot we took of her was literally perfect.  What a photogenic bride!  And oh my gosh... this venue!  They couldn't have picked the better time of the year or a better venue... my mind was going crazy because there were so many places to shoot.  The infinite field that surrounded this place was simply stunning, and I could have shot there all day... The staff is just so accommodating and amazing.  Not just to the bride, groom and the guests, but to vendors like ourselves too.  That was so greatly appreciated, and we can't wait to shoot here again!  They even make you a homemade brunch... now, we've been to countless venues, and we've never experienced that before!  WOW!  The day couldn't have run any smoother... everything and everyone was on time.  When the reception area was ready for us to take detail shots, we couldn't wait to see the decor.  Instead of flowers, they chose to invest in centerpieces that will last forever!  They were classic Disney collections, and you just have to see it for yourself below.  It was so perfect!!! They said that they were going to use those to decorate their home... now, that's a great and a smart investment!  Oh, Maggie + Kody, we could go on and on about you guys... but, I'm sure you want to view your photos.  :)  We thank you and your kind family so much for the wonderful day you gave us.  It was an absolute pleasure to get to know you more and to celebrate the most special day of your life together.  We hope that you love your wedding photos...!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong