Erin + J.P. / The Whitlock Inn Wedding

The whitlock Inn First United Methodist Church Wedding_0086.jpg

Erin + JP’s wedding was memorable in many ways… when we arrived at Erin’s friend’s home for her getting ready shots, we just knew it was going to be a good day.  As soon as we walked in the doors, we were greeted by her friend, Eric, who was absolutely hospitable.  When we walked in, we felt like we entered a magazine… everything was perfectly and beautifully decorated!  WOW!  He is in real estate, but we think that he should totally be in interior designing!  He showed us around his home, and we were just overwhelmed by all the places that we could shoot.  Thank you for everything, Eric!  Everyone was in such a great mood and did whatever they could to help us out.  Erin’s mom was amazing…!   One of the first things that we shoot is the bride’s dress and we always wonder what our bride has chosen… it’s usually in a bridal bag and it’s like opening a surprise gift.  When we opened Erin's, our jaws just dropped.  It was one of the most elegant, stunning dresses we’ve ever seen.  The details were exquisite!  It was even more beautiful when Erin put it on, and I think everyone that saw her that day would agree with us.  We then went to see JP, and he looked sharp in his uniform that he proudly wore.  Every couple is of course special to us, but when the bride or the groom is in the military, they hold a special part in our hearts.  My dad was in the Army for over 27 years, so they are so dear to us… Sometimes, we take our freedom for granted, but they remind us that it comes with a price.  Many of the groomsmen and their guests were in uniform as well and after the ceremony, they made an arch of swords for the newlyweds to pass through, and it was beyond awesome!  We’ve always wanted to capture this, so our dream came true… It was bitter sweet for me as well because my parents did this when they got married… my dad passed 6 years ago, and I so wish that I could have the chance to show him these images.  He would so love them.  Oh Erin + JP…. what an honor it was to be part of such an occasion.  You guys are so blessed to be surround by so many who dearly love and adore you!  It was so special to hear the father of the bride share such touching words to you guys.  That truly was priceless… We had the most wonderful time with you all.  We hope that every time you guys view these images in two weeks, in five years, in ten, in thirty… that you will always be reminded that your love is beautiful.  

With much love,

Craig + Unchong