Bryne Family / Roswell Mill Family Portraits

Roswell Mill Family Portraits_0013.jpg

When September comes around, it's exciting because we know that we get to see some families that we haven't all year.  Sure enough, Brittany emailed us to do their annual family portraits... we immediately wondered how much their son has grown over the year.  We shot this couple's wedding and now this is their, I believe, second family shoot with us.  They just know the Craig Obrist Photography drill. :)  They inquire, set the date, sign the contract, pay the deposit, set the location, get the outfits, and boom baby (as our son says all the time), it's done!  She is mega easy to work with and it's always a pleasure to see her hubby and son.  Their boy is so good in front of the camera and I think he's getting used to me.  :)  He gets my jokes and I feel like he's thinking, "Oh, that guy... he thinks he's so funny." lol I feel like I become a distant uncle with our client's children, and I love that!  Even though it's usually once a year, they really do start getting used to the camera as they get older and know what I'm asking.  They learn the poses and the lingo... The weather has been yet again unpredictable this season in Georgia, but thank God the weather worked out.  Roswell is doing some neat things in their parks, so you'll see those thing in the images as well. Guys, we are so fortunate to know sweet families like you and grateful for your loyalty to us.  It was wonderful to see you again!  Have the best holiday season and we will see you again next year!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong