Shin Ae + Dennis / Piedmont Park & Atlanta Skyline Engagement

Piedmont Park Atlanta Skyline Engagement Portraits_0009.jpg

So many photographers ask us if we attend bridal shows and if it's worth it.  Um.... YES!  It's always a YES for us.  You may notice that we begin many blogs by saying, "We met so and so from a bridal show earlier this year...".  And, we begin this blog by saying the same thing!  Not all marketing ideas is for everyone, but for us, we love becoming friends with strangers fast, so bridal shows work well for us.  We totally remember Shin Ae + Dennis and their friend stopping by our booth, and after a phone call, we met for a consultation and had a wonderful time.  This dynamic duo loves to have fun and share many hobbies together, so as you'll see in the images, we had a blast working with a few props that they brought.  After rescheduling their shoot once because of rain, we were happy that rain was nowhere in sight for the rescheduled date.  But!  It was FREEEEEZING!  If you are an Atlantan, I'm sure you'll agree that the weather here is pretty much unpredictable.  It can feel like summer one day and winter the next.  Well, on this day, the high was only around 45 degrees and windy, but you would never even be able to tell because this couple fought through the cold like it was nothing!  Dennis especially enjoyed it because there was no need for sweating!  As a portrait photographer, I can't describe to you how important it is for your couples to not just be in love with one another, but have chemistry.  These two had it and on top of that, their natural, contagious smiles was icing on the cake!  Shin Ae + Dennis, we can't wait to see you guys again on your wedding day later this month. We can't believe that your day is already almost here... Thank you for enduring the cold like troopers.  You guys were so kind enough to even buy me dinner afterwards, and we truly are grateful to have clients like you.  See you guys next weekend, and we can't wait to create more beautiful photos with you!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong