Katie + Marlon / Montaluce Winery Engagement Portraits

Montaluce Winery Vineyard Georgia Engagement Portraits_0032.jpg

So, we have a weird tradition that we had no intention of starting.  Every time we go on vacation, on the way there, we get an inquiry for a wedding via email or a phone call and book it!  Last year, we did that with Katie, and she made our long drive so enjoyable!  We love coordinating engagement shoots with our couples because it allows us to learn more about them, what style they like and then during the shoot, we really get to learn how they are as models.  You get a feel for what's more natural to them, how they interact as couples, etc. This is why we emphasize engagement shoots so much because it's almost like a practice session for their wedding day!  With couples that have done an engagement session with us, they know what to expect on their wedding day which makes it that much more fun.  We also absolutely LOVE coordinating outfits with couples.  Outfits are such an important part of portraits and many times can determine the location as well.  We had the most fun texting each other the different options Katie had, and I (Unchong) was close to just going shopping with her because I liked her style so much.  :) We really enjoyed walking around the beautiful vineyard of Montaluce with Katie + Marlon.  They're the cutest couple and seeing them so in love was absolutely adorable!  What a beautiful place they chose.... Every time we go here, it's just breathtaking.  And it was a perfect place for this breathtaking couple.  They just have such great taste!  Katie + Marlon, what a pleasure it was getting to know you guys more.... Your wedding day is going to be one gorgeous day!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong