Spencer Family / Augusta Rustic Family Portraits

Augusta Countryside family portraits rustic_0022.jpg

Augusta, Georgia is a very special place for us... so many memories, and we love the fact that we now have memories with one of our fav clients, Elizabeth + Andrew!  We have been seeing this family every year since we shot their wedding.  This year, instead of them coming to Atlanta, we got to go to their town in Augusta!  They just purchased a property there, and I just loved it so much that it made me want to move!  Love and respect how they think about life, their choices and the way they want to raise a family.  They're choosing a less crazy, hectic life, and we think that is amazing!  Their girls are so blessed to have parents with wisdom!  I really enjoyed the ride there as I got to have some alone time in the car and dance to my jam.  :)  It was a beautiful, sunny day, and it was so good to see them now as a family of four... their new baby girl joined the family not too long ago and they looked so happy!  The sun was glowing just perfectly and just when I was thinking that things just couldn't get better, a donkey decided to visit us!  So apparently, there's this cute little donkey that lives there.... it always comes by randomly!  How cute, right?  We of course had to get a pic of them interacting with this creature. :)  Elizabeth + Andrew, once again it was so great seeing you all!  Congrats on the new baby.... it's an honor to be able to document the growth of your family every year.  Thank you for coming back to us!

With much love,

Craig + Unchong