Nancy + Paul / Ashton Gardens Wedding

Ashton Gardens Wedding Egyptian Wedding_0052.jpg

We experienced two very different seasons with Nancy + Paul.  Their engagement shoot was on a very hot, summer day and their wedding day was brrrrrrrrr cold!  But, the skies were so clear and beautiful and sunny... We all pushed through it and still went outside for a few shots.  We were so happy that they chose a beautiful hotel to get ready in, so we were able to do portraits inside as well. Loved meeting all of their friends and family and learning about the Egyptian culture.  When Nancy got into her dress, she really looked like a princess ready to take on her royal responsibilities.  From her hair, to her makeup, hair, nails, shoes, and every detail, she was completely ready to meet her husband to be.  When we were getting things ready for their first look, Paul's suit really stood out to me and no wonder.... it was custom made!  They say you get what you pay for, and even with suits, you can just tell!  We loved the fact every.single.person was on the dance floor celebrating the night away from the beginning to the end.... actually, so much that they extended the ending time by 30 minutes!  Even then, they were all still dancing!  The energy and joy in everyone was impressive.  It didn't matter how young or old, they all danced.  It was so cool to see the moms so into the music and the celebration.  All of the siblings were so sweet!  Paul is a dentist, so many of his friends who came were dentists too.  It was great timing because Craig's tooth was hurting and when we asked his cousin (who is also a dentist) about it, he told Craig to go in right away. So.... after their wedding that week, Craig got a root canal.  The tooth was pretty bad and this week, he will be getting a crown.  Doh! Meeting all the dentists made me really get on top of our dental hygiene, because honestly, we've been lazy about it.  :( All that to say, we had so much fun getting to know some of our couple's friends and family members... so much that we are happy to say that we will be shooting Paul's brother's wedding too!!!!  Can't wait to everyone again... Nancy + Paul, you guys have been so fun!  Nancy, thank you for having the most beautiful smile for us to photograph.... you, my lady, were such a glamorous bride!  It's been an honor and we can't wait to see you guys again as we celebrate your brother's wedding!  

With much love,

Craig + Unchong